Our history

CFAO Motors Zimbabwe is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, the largest automobile network in Africa and the French overseas territories.

CFAO Motors Zimbabwe "Driving with confidence". Trusted network of choice for leading global brands.

CFAO Motors Zimbabwe is an Authorized distributor of the global brand Suzuki. It sells a wide range of new passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Efficiency boosted by a strong local presence. Located at Harare, CFAO Motors Zimbabwe comprises a team of skilled professionals striving for customer satisfaction through a relentless focus on quality and compliance with Suzuki international standards of excellence.

Unwavering commitment to customer service.

It uses leading-edge facilities and technology to provide a complete range of before- and after-sales services to meet all customer needs:
• Financing solutions
   CFAO Motors Zimbabwe has teamed up with local banks to develop tailored customer auto financing solutions.
• Manufacturers' warranty
   All vehicles and spare parts sold through our network are covered by Suzuki warranty.
• Original spare parts
   CFAO Motors Zimbabwe uses only original Suzuki spare parts in order to provide the highest standards of service and to
   guarantee product performance over the long term.
• Tailored maintenance contracts
   Customers may choose between a number of different service contracts depending on a vehicle's age and mileage.
• After-sales service
   CFAO Motors Zimbabwe offers a comprehensive range of after-sales services using leading-edge facilities and skilled
   personnel who receive training from Suzuki on a regular basis.